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Global Package Tracking

Track packages from United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, China, Canada and other countries (example: ch063096141us)

Global parcel tracking for all carriers

Monitoring package tracking numbers across different logistics providers is frustrating. Still looking for a solution to track your parcels? We have you covered. Allow us to simplify your shipment tracking across different carriers for all your parcel tracking needs.

All In One Package Tracking

Supports 569 postal Carriers & Multiple Express Couriers Worldwide including China Post, Hongkong Post, Singapore Post, USPS, EMS, Fedex, DHL, UPS.

How Universal Parcel Tracking Is Used in Warehouses

When packages are received at a warehouse’s docking station, a universal parcel tracking code is applied to each parcel. A handheld scanner is then used to scan the unique barcode and this step is repeated each time the package crosses someone else’s path in the supply chain.

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Track & trace your parcels any time and get regular updates

Let us become your perfered tracking website! We help you track all your shipments in one overview and provide you with regular, automated email updates across carriers, countries or languages.

Statuses in English

The location statuses of parcels and goods are translated and localized by the experts in the field of logistics. We provide information in a language you understand

Status change notifications

Ability to receive notifications about new statuses of parcels via Email, Telegram, Facebook Messenger (currently under development)